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Iroquois False Face Masks

The mask shown above has been sold.

These unique masks are carved from wood. Some artists, like Gene Thomas, use white pine to carve their masks, while others use basswood.  The masks have real horse tail hair and eyes made of tin.  Our selection keeps changing.  If you want to be on our notification list, please let us know.  When we get a new selection of masks, we will send you an e-mail.

Gallery of False Face Masks in Stock

You get the exact mask shown when ordering by number.

Measurements do not include the hair; they are the size of the mask only.

False Face Mask

Order Code:  R-109-G74

Artist:  Unsigned

13" long, 7.25" wide


Native Made in Canada


False Face Mask

Order Code:  R-109-G91

Artist: Craig Longboat, Signed on the back
(Onondaga Nation)

11" long, 5.75" wide, deeply carved


Native Made in Canada

Guardian Mask

Order Code:  R-109-G100 ***Sold 130522***
Order Code:  R-109-G101 ***Sold 120210***
Order Code:  R-109-G102 ***Sold 121003***
Order Code:  R-109-G103 ***Sold 130522***
Order Code:  R-109-G104 ***SOLD 131002***
Order Code:  R-109-G105

6.5" long, 3.5" wide

US$80.00 each

Native Made in Canada

See a size comparison with a soda can.

False Face Mask:Blind Man

Order Code:  R-109-G106

Artist: Unknown

Registration Number: Unknown

The man we bought the mask from claims that this mask was previously owned by the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in New York. A museum employee purchased it from the NMAI in the 1970s. She sold the mask when she didn't think it fit with the decor of her Miami home. The age of the mask is unknown. The face is painted red with tin discs over the eyes, hence, it was called "Blind Man".  We plan to make inquires with the NMAI to see whether they can establish the provenance of the mask and provide any additional details.

11.25" long, 6.25" wide, 4" deep


Believed to be Native Made in the U.S. or Canada

See a side view.

False Face Mask

Order Code:  R-109-G107

Artist: Jacob E. Thomas

Registration Number: Unknown

On the back of the mask is written: "Carved by Jacob E. Thomas RR#2 Ohsweken Ont."  There is a scratch on the left cheek.  The man we bought this mask from said it was hung on his grandfather's wall for 40 years.  The mask is currently hanging on the wall in our Canadian office.

10.25" long, 6.5" wide, deeply carved


Native Made in Canada

See size comparison with soda can.

See side and back views.

False Faces of the Iroquois

Order code: 1044-G04

Used Book

Title: The False Faces of the Iroquois (Civilization of the American Indian)

Author: William N. Fenton

Quantity: 1

ISBN: 0806120398

Book Description: Very good book in good dust jacket. NOT ex-library. Text clean, binding tight. Previous owner's name on front free endpaper. No other marks, writing or bookplates. Dust jacket worn at edges and a dampstain in one corner.

Price: US$350.00

See the back cover with a ruler.

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Iroquois False Face Artists

Name   Tribal Affiliation
John Elliot  Iroquois (Mohawk)
Bud Henry  Iroquois (Mohawk)
Clarence Longboat Iroquois (Onondaga)
Chief Jake Thomas Iroquois (Cayuga)
Gene Thomas Iroquois (Onondaga)

Click on the underlined names above for further biographical information.

Registration of Masks at Six Nations

Many Iroquois False Face Masks are not signed, but have numbers stamped into the side under the hair to confirm that the masks are registered on Six Nations in Ontario, Canada as authentic Iroquois False Face Masks.  As part of the registration process, the Iroquois name of the artist is recorded in a registry, but not the English name.  For example, one artist works under the Iroquois name of Hoda’nyeken which translates into English as "Stick on the Shoulder."  

A Note on Unsigned Masks

As members of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, we support aggressive legislation designed to prohibit non-Native merchandise being sold as though it were Native-made.

In the course of our business, we come across situations where collectors are selling off masks accumulated over many years or individuals who have inherited masks and the original owner has died and is not available for consultation as to the exact circumstances regarding the initial purchase of the mask.  

Unsigned masks are offered only if we have complete confidence as to the authenticity of the mask as a Native-made item based on the reputation of the collector and our expert knowledge of these masks.  We will not offer for sale any masks where we have any doubt whatsoever as to their authenticity.

  Concerns Over the Sale of False Face Masks

There is some controversy over the display and sale of Iroquois False Face Masks.  For more information on this, please click HERE