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Iroquois Corn Husk Masks

Like many Native American arts and crafts, the traditional corn husk masks are becoming more difficult to obtain with each passing year.  Occasionally, I find a few for sale at either the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario or at The Kahnawake Mohawk Reservation south of Montreal.  When I do, I buy every one I can get. 

Corn Husk Masks Available for Sale

You get the exact mask shown when you order by order code.

XL Corn Husk Mask

This is an extremely rare mask that I believe was made by a Seneca man from Akwasasne.  I purchased this mask at the Kahnawake reservation in Quebec from a reputable Mohawk dealer.  There are very few of these jumbo masks made anymore.  This one is hanging on my wall at home in Toronto, Ontario.  The mask is not signed.  In the picture to the left, the mask appears to be somewhat crossed-eyed.  This is easily fixed by placing an empty Coke can behind the eyes as in the picture above.  

Size: 28" long, 17" wide (39" x 24" with hair)

Order Code:  R-4-08-G1

Price:  US$7,500.00

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Full Size Corn Husk Mask

Size:  See size notes below.

Order Code R-4-12-G2

Price:  US$750.00

Native Made in Canada


See a size comparison with a soda can.

XL Corn Husk Mask

I have acquired a second XL corn husk mask that is located in the Niagara Falls, New York warehouse.  This mask was purchased from the Hill family of Six Nations in Ontario at an estate sale.  I bought it from a well known collector of Iroquois art in upstate New York. 

33" long
28" wide at top
24" wide at middle
16" wide at bottom

Order Code:  R-4-12-G10

Price:  US$7,500.00

Native Made in Canada


See a size comparison with a soda can.

Corn Husk Mask

This corn husk mask is made by Bud Henry (see his artist bio below) of Six Nations, Ontario in November 2010. The face is exceptionally deep.

Artist: Bud Henry

Whole Mask: 20" long, 20" wide
Face: 8" long, 6.5" wide
Depth of Face: 6"

Order Code:  R-4-12-G12

Price:  US$750.00

Native Made in Canada


Size of Full-Size Corn Husk Masks

The full-size corn husk masks are generally big enough to wear.  The faces are between 7.5" and 8" long and 5 to 5.5" wide.  With the husk trim, the overall size varies between about 19" to 21" long and 15" to 16" wide.

These masks have not been blessed or used in religious ceremonies.  Click HERE for information on the controversy regarding the display and sale of Iroquois False Face Masks.

Corn Husk Mask Artists

Name   Tribal Affiliation
Bud Henry  Iroquois (Mohawk)

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