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Trip to Savoonga, Alaska


February 2007

I have included some pictures from a buying trip to the village of Savoonga, Alaska in February 2007.  You can click on the pictures for an enlargement.


The view from my hotel room at the Westmark in Anchorage, Alaska.

Walking to the Alaska Airlines flight to Nome.  Hoar frost was everywhere.

My first trip on a combi (half freight, half passengers).  We started boarding from the front--row 23...

High noon in Nome, Alaska.  Notice how low the sun is on the horizon.

The Bering Sea outside of the Subway franchise in Nome.

Downtown Nome.

Another shot of Nome.

One more picture.

The twin-engine Beachcraft from Hagelund Aviation in Nome.

On the way to Savoonga.

Shortly after take off from Nome.

The Bering Sea in winter.

The mountains of Siberia were clearly visible in the distance.  What a rush!

There are no taxis in Savoonga.  This was taken from the dogsled behind the snowmobile.

I have read too many books about the North West Company -- My first trading station!!!

Some of the beautiful sculptures that I bought that evening.

The view from my room at city hall about 7:00 p.m.

Another view.

Polar bear fur mitts for running the Iditarod or riding a snowmobile.

One of the youngest carvers in Savoonga with a carving in walrus ivory and baleen.

One of the oldest carvers and his walrus ivory kayak and hunter.

A close up shot of the walrus ivory carving.

On the flight from Savoonga to Gambell.

St. Lawrence Island.

Gambell is in the distance.  The runway lights are on for us.

I hope the engine keeps running.  This is not a place for an emergency landing.

The village of Gambell in the morning.

Landing at Gambell, Alaska.