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Tanned Salmon Skins

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We work with a tannery in Canada that tans salmon skins.  We only sell full skins.  The skins measure 19 - 23" (48 - 58 cm) long and 3 - 5" (8 - 12 cm) wide.  These skins are "with scale".  There is no tail or head.  Please allow three to four weeks for delivery for skins not currently in stock. 

Order Code  Description  Price
R-870-2N Salmon Skin:Natural Buy on
R-870-2F01 Salmon Skin:Dyed Light Red
R-870-2F02 Salmon Skin:Dyed Dark Red
R-870-2F03  Salmon Skin:Dyed Orange
R-870-2F04 Salmon Skin:Dyed Dark Pink
R-870-2F05  Salmon Skin:Dyed Tan
R-870-2F06 Salmon Skin:Dyed Brown 
R-870-2F07 Salmon Skin:Dyed Green 
R-870-2F08 Salmon Skin:Dyed Blue 
R-870-2F09 Salmon Skin:Dyed White 
R-870-2F09M Salmon Skin:Dyed White Matte 
R-870-2F10 Salmon Skin:Dyed Mauve
R-870-2F10M Salmon Skin:Dyed Mauve Matte 
R-870-2F11 Salmon Skin:Dyed Dark Gray
R-870-2F12 Salmon Skin:Dyed Black 
R-870-2F13 Salmon Skin:Dyed Light Green 

Genus and species: Salmo salar.

Salmon are not an endangered species.  The skins are a by-product of the fishing industry in Canada.  The salmon have not been killed just for the skin.

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