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Rain Sticks

Small (Discontinued), Medium, and Large Rain Sticks

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The rain sticks are made from cactus and make a sound similar to that of falling rain when turned vertically.  It is said that Rain Sticks originally came about for use in rain ceremonies.

Order Code  Description  Country of Origin  Price
R-586-M Rain Stick:Medium:20" (50.8 cm) Chile Buy on
R-586-L  Rain Stick:Large:30" (76.2 cm) Chile
R-586-V16-AS Rain Stick:16" (40.6 cm) Indonesia
R-586-V24-AS Rain Stick:24" (60.9 cm) Indonesia

Note:  All cacti are protected under CITES, the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species, and are not for export from the United States without proper documentation.

Made in Chile or Indonesia