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Dyed Rabbit Skins

(formerly called Craft Grade)

This is the color swatch for the dyed rabbit skins.

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These rabbit skins are dyed in Spain using a mix of first and second grade (or what we call our Better grade) skins. For years we have called these craft grade skins because we originally bought a third grade skin. However, the tannery has only offered first and second grade dyed skins and we are dropping the "craft" name for these skins. They tend to be quite nice and are suitable for selling as a novelty item or for use in making items. Overall, they are great value for the money!

These rabbit skins are chrome tanned.

Please note that the dyed rabbits do have a chemical odor as a result of being dyed. They may also have a mothball odor as well because we have to prevent bugs from getting into the skins. You can reduce this odor by either airing them out or by tumbling the skins in a dryer with a dryer sheet on very low heat for no more than five minutes. Any more than this will shrink the rabbit skins and you will no longer  have the option to return them if unsatisfied. If you're worried that the rabbits skins may leave an odor in your dryer, we suggest you use a public laundromat.

For more information on our rabbit skins, please click HERE for the main rabbit section. For more Dyed Rabbits, click HERE.

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus. Ranch.

Product of Spain

Order Code Description Pictures Price
R-188-D-02 Dyed Off-White Buy on
R-188-D-03 Dyed Medium Purple
R-188-D-04 Dyed Chocolate Brown
R-188-D-06 Dyed Baby Pink
R-188-D-07 Dyed Midnight Blue
R-188-D-08 Dyed Light Brown
R-188-D-09 Dyed Bleached White
R-188-D-10 Dyed Black
R-188-D-11 Dyed Baby Blue
R-188-D-12 Dyed Turquoise Blue
R-188-D-13 Dyed Army Green
R-188-D-14 Dyed Dark Purple

Dyed Gray
Pantone color: 18-5105TPX Sedona Sage
Note: Under yellow light, this color looks greenish. Under white lights/sunlight, this color is gray with no green tones.

R-188-D-16 Dyed Red
R-188-D-17 Dyed Orange
R-188-D-18 Dyed Light Purple
R-188-D-19 Dyed Fuchsia
R-188-D-20 Dyed Dark Brown
R-188-D-24 Dyed Ruby
R-188-D-25 Dyed Terracotta
R-188-D-26 Dyed Khaki
R-188-D-27 Dyed Burgundy
R-188-D-28 Dyed Fluorescent Yellow
R-188-D-29 Dyed Fluorescent Orange
R-188-D-30 Dyed Fluorescent Green
R-188-D-31 Dyed Forest Green
R-188-D-32 Dyed Light Gray
R-188-D-33 Dyed Wine
R-188-D-COLOR Dyed Color Swatch