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Moose Antler Buttons

Palm-Cut, Two-Hole

Click on the above picture of a 3" button for a larger view.

The moose antler buttons are sold individually.  These buttons are palm cut and preserve the natural beauty of the moose palm.  They have two holes.  The size is measured in line with the button holes.

Order Code Description Price
R-38-P2-1.5 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Two Hole:1.5" to 2.0" US$25.00 each
R-38-P2-2.0 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Two Hole:2.0" to 2.5" US$25.00 each
R-38-P2-2.5 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Two Hole:2.5" to 3.0" US$30.00 each
R-38-P2-3.0 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Two Hole:3.0" to 3.5" US$35.00 each

Genus and species: Alces alces.  Wild.

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Product of the USA