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Moose Antler Buttons

Palm-Cut, Blind-Hole


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Left: Front of 2.5" button / Right: Back of 2.5" button

The moose antler buttons are sold individually.  These buttons are palm cut and preserve the natural beauty of the moose palm.  They are blind drilled so you can't see the holes from the front.  These buttons are thicker than regular cross-cut antler buttons to accommodate the blind hole.

Order Code Description Price
R-38-PB-1.5 Moose Antler Buttons:Palm-Cut:Blind Hole:1.5"  US$30.00 each
R-38-PB-2.0 Moose Antler Buttons:Palm-Cut:Blind Hole:2.0" US$30.00 each
R-38-PB-2.5 Moose Antler Buttons:Palm-Cut:Blind Hole:2.5" US$32.00 each
R-38-PB-3.0 Moose Antler Buttons:Palm-Cut:Blind Hole:2.5" US$38.00 each

Genus and species: Alces alces.  Wild.

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