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Hare Skins

Compared with the regular domesticated rabbits we offer from Spain, hares (wild rabbits) have thinner skins with fairly consistent coloring and long guard hairs. They tend to be the size of an average rabbit.  The skins are also referred to as Brown Hare.  They vary in thickness and are not recommended for making rugs and blankets as the skin is thin and rips easily.

The hare skins with heads that we currently have in stock are not top quality.  The skins are fine, but the heads did not come out as nicely as we had hoped.  They look like rabbits with shrunken heads (see picture above).  Click HERE for another picture of one with an especially small head.  These are a novelty item that we cannot replace. 

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R-585-HD Hare Skin with Low Quality Head Out of stock

Genus and species: Lepus capensis. Wild.

Hare are not an endangered species and are not subject to CITES controls. 

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside of the United States.

Product of China

Photos of Hare Skins

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