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Goat Horns

The first four horns are brown and the last four horns are black. The brown horns come in a variety of brown shades.

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The cleaned goat horns are available in black and brown.  They are sorted into sizes. They are mostly hollow. The length is measured from horn tip to base along the outside curve.

We often get requests for matched sets.  The horns come in loose.  We can do our best to get horns that match as well as possible.  This takes time to sort through the horns and we charge a sorting fee of US$15.00 per set for labor.

Order Code  Description   Length Price
R-318-1BKXS-AS Goat Horn:Black:Extra Small NEW less than 4" Buy on
R-318-1BKS-AS Goat Horn:Black:Small 4" to 6"
R-318-1BKM-AS Goat Horn:Black:Medium NEW 6" to 8"
R-318-1BKL-AS Goat Horn:Black:Large 8" to 10"
R-318-1BKXL-AS Goat Horn:Black:Extra Large 10" to 12"
R-318-1BKXXL-AS Goat Horn:Black:Extra Extra Large NEW 12"+
R-318-1BRXS-AS Goat Horn:Brown:Extra Small less than 4"
R-318-1BRS-AS Goat Horn:Brown:Small 4" to 6"
R-318-1BRM-AS Goat Horn:Brown:Medium NEW 6" to 8"
R-318-1BRL-AS Goat Horn:Brown:Large 8" to 10"
R-318-1BRXL-AS Goat Horn:Brown:Extra Large NEW 10" to 12"
R-318-1BRXXL-AS Goat Horn:Brown:Extra Extra Large NEW 12"+
R-318-X-Gxx Goat Horn:Set:Gallery  

Genus and species: Capra hircus.  Ranch raised.

These goat horns are not subject to USFWS export controls and are NOT endangered.

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Product of the USA