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Eucalan Delicate Wash
Wool, Fur and Leather

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Eucalan is a gentle cleanser and conditioner that does not require rinsing. It is recommended for washable sheepskins only (not Icelandic sheepskins or most other furs), suede, leather, wool, and other fine fabrics.  Lavender and eucalyptus are both natural flea and moth inhibitors, so you can even use it to wash your dog or other pets!  Eucalan can also be used to wash wool diaper covers and baby clothes.  Use Eucalan on diapers and diaper covers after washing with detergent to "re-lanolize," which locks the oil into the fibers to make the diaper leak-resistant.

The best way to clean furs such as beaver, raccoon, fox, mink, rabbit, and others is to send them to a furrier for proper drumming with a cleaner and sawdust.  Do not dry clean furs as the dry cleaning process will remove the natural oils from the skin.

A 2.1 oz. (60mL) bottle will last on average 15 hand washings or 7 machine washings.  Naturally this varies depending on the size and density of the items being washed.  One could get up to 30 hand washing of lingerie while only 5 hand washings of sheepskins.

A 16.9 oz. (500mL) bottle will last on average 90 hand washings or 75 machine washings. 

Order Code Description Price
R-580-2L Eucalan Wool Wash:2.1 oz. (60 mL) Lavender Buy on
R-580-3E Eucalan Wool Wash:3.3 oz. (100 mL) Eucalyptus
R-580-3L Eucalan Wool Wash:3.3 oz. (100 mL) Lavender
R-580-3U Eucalan Wool Wash:3.3 oz. (100 mL) Unscented
R-580-16E Eucalan Wool Wash:16.9 oz. (500 mL) Eucalyptus
R-580-16L Eucalan Wool Wash:16.9 oz. (500 mL) Lavender
R-580-16U Eucalan Wool Wash:16.9 oz. (500 mL) Unscented
R-580-135E Eucalan Wool Wash:135 oz. (4L) Eucalyptus
R-580-135L Eucalan Wool Wash:135 oz. (4L) Lavender
R-580-135U Eucalan Wool Wash:135 oz. (4L) Unscented
R-580-P Eucalan Pump for Jug  (Picture)

* Only limited quantities of the 2.1-ounce bottles are available.  The new size is 3.3 ounces or 100 mL.

Made in Canada

Warning About Washing Furs

Please note that most furs, hides, and skins should only be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of Eucalan® because soaking the whole hide will ruin it.  See the pictures below for an example of what happens when a beaver hide is put in a washing machine or thoroughly wetted. The hide will shrink to about half the size, loose its luster, and become crinkly.  Do not throw fur in the washing machine or bathtub.  We will not replace damaged skins.  

Washing Instructions for Garments (not furs)

By Machine: 

1) Fill machine with tepid water and Eucalan® concentrate (approximately 1 Tbsp. Eucalan® to 4L/1 gallon of water - or more heavily soiled items.) 


3) Load with articles to be washed; soak about 1/2 hour. 

4) Squeeze gently by hand. 

5) Bypass Rinse Cycle! 

6) Spin out water.

7) Hang to dry away from direct sunlight.

8) When nearly dry, stretch by hand in all directions and then to the desired shape.

By Hand: 

1) Add 5ml/1tsp. Eucalan® to 4L/1gallon of tepid water. 

2) Soak article 15 minutes or longer and then squeeze gently to remove dirt and water. 


4) Hang to dry away from direct sunlight.

5) When nearly dry, stretch by hand in all directions and then to the desired shape.

IMPORTANT:  always test color fastness, avoid heavy agitation, keep out of direct sunlight. 

We do not guarantee the outcome of washing with Eucalan®, but the reports we have received indicate that it is a gentle, yet effective way to wash almost any fur or fine fabric. **Always test a small inconspicuous spot on the item you are washing before using any cleaning product, including Eucalan on the whole item. 

Eucalan® is a registered trademark of Eucalan®, Inc.

Eucalan® Facts

 * Gentle cleanser and conditioner

 * Recommended for all fine fabrics

 * Saves time, water & money

 * Is 100% biodegradable

 * May be used in automatic washer

 * Requires no rinsing (1)

 * Contains no detergents or phosphates

 * Is concentrated

 * Contains Eucalyptus or Lavender - protects against moths and repels fleas

 * Contains Lanolin - a natural conditioner which reduces static and helps control wrinkles

(1) While wool benefits greatly from not being rinsed, other fabrics may be rinsed. If you do rinse wool, just add a few drops to the rinse water for best results.

Eucalan® for Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Angora, Mohair Garments

If not properly cared for, wool sometimes shrinks and mats; caused by agitating when wet, improper water temperature & changes in water temperature, being dried at too hot a temperature, or by improper handling while washing.  By using Eucalan® you needn't worry about different temperatures of wash and rinse waters, thus avoiding matting.  Wool having any soap left in will be dull and lifeless, angora in particular becomes sticky and matted.  

Whereas detergents and dry-cleaning agents strip some of the natural goodness from the fibers, Eucalan® actually restores some of the lanolin, which gives loft to the fibers and enhances the insulating factor of wool.

Homespun yarns can be scratchy and rough, but become much softer after washing in Eucalan.

When washing wool, spot-clean with full-strength Eucalan®, then allow to soak in tepid water for 15 to 30 minutes, squeezing gently with your hands.  Use 1tsp/5mL of Eucalan.

Machine washing is also recommended for wool garments.  Add 3tbsp/45mL of Eucalan® to the top-load water and fill with tepid water.  Agitate to mix, and then turn the machine off.  Place your wool items in the water and soak.  Squeeze with your hands several times.  After ½ to 1 hour of soaking, turn the washer to final spin.  This removes most of the water.  Lay flat to dry.

The amount of Eucalan® and water used in a machine wash depends on the size of the load.  

Eucalan® for Finer Fabrics


Check for color fastness.  Spot-clean with full-strength Eucalan®, then soak in tepid water for 15 minutes, squeezing gently.  Silk may be rinsed once. Squeeze excess water out; roll in a towel and squeeze.  Iron while very damp, with a medium-hot iron.


Check for color fastness.  Follow directions for wool.  Hang to dry and press when nearly dry or with a damp cloth.  Rayon articles are less wrinkled and easier to press. 

All Other Washable Fabrics

Polyester, cotton, linen and blends can be washed in the washing machine.  Use gentle cycle and bypass the rinse.  Hang or lay flat to dry.

Eucalan® for Special Items

Garments with beading, sequins, metallic, leather and fur trim may be laundered safely using Eucalan.

Washable Sheepskins 

Recommended for washable sheepskin rugs and seat covers - which take 2 or 3 days to dry.  Fill your machine, add Eucalan® and soak for an hour or so, squeezing from time to time.  If the item is really dirty, repeat process.  Spin to remove excess water and lay over a rack or rail to dry away from direct heat.  When nearly dry give a good shake.  Great for washable sheepskin slippers, mittens and vests.  Do not use with Icelandic sheepskins.

Needlepoint Chair Seats & Framed Pictures

Dilute Eucalan® with tepid water in a spray bottle. Spritz over the needlepoint; blot with a  clean towel.  No need to rinse.  For food spots, use a small brush to loosen the soil after spritzing.

Cleaning Rugs

To spot clean, use a mild solution of Eucalan®, scrub with brush until spot disappears.  Place a thick towel on damp area and walk on it to remove excess water.

Eucalan® can be used to clean carpets (i.e., with a carpet cleaner-machine); it is a low-sudsing cleaner, similar to carpet cleaning solutions.  Just make sure the soap container part of the machine is clean from any other products.  Pour in ¾ to 1 whole “cap” and follow directions.


Great for cleaning upholstered office chairs.  Use a small brush with diluted Eucalan®.  Scrub until clean, wipe of dirty suds, blot with a towel, and leave to dry for several hours. 

Car Mats

Vacuum the car mat thoroughly and then take it into the shower with you.  Use a bit of Eucalan® and a scrub brush.  Rinse repeatedly in the shower spray and then drip dry. 

Drying with Eucalan® 

Knit garments are best dried flat on a rack or towel away form direct heat (out of the sun, away from a register or radiator).  Other items can be hung on plastic hangers or the line.  Use the dryer carefully, as too much heat will cause wrinkling.

Front Load Washers

Place your items in front load machine and fill with tepid water.  Add 3tbsp/45mL of Eucalan® to the automatic dispenser.  Agitate on gentle cycle to mix, and then turn the machine off.  Garments may be agitated on delicate for a few minutes if desired and then left to soak.  After ½ to 1 hour of soaking, turn the washer to final spin.  This removes most of the water.  Dry as indicated above.