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Deer Hides

Click on the box below for pictures, prices, and more information on each type of deer hide.  A Fallow Deer and a Mule Deer are shown above. Use your BACK button to return to this page.

Axis Deer Fallow Deer Mule Deer
Red Deer Reindeer Roe Deer
White Tail Deer Sika Deer  

Axis Deer 00:00
Fallow Summer Deer 00:52, Fallow Winter Deer 01:20
Mule Deer 01:44
Red Deer Small 02:08, Red Deer Large 02:35
Reindeer XL 02:59, Reindeer XXL 03:26, Reindeer with Feet 03:46
Roe Deer 04:12
Sika Deer 04:37
White Tail Deer #1 05:04, White Tail Deer # 2 05:31