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Canoe Seat Webbing

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~1/2" x 98 ft x ~1/8" thick rawhide lacing

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These cow rawhide full-grain laces are ideal for re-stringing canoe seats.  The full grain laces are best for lacing canoe seats because there is less damage from water to the grain than with the split laces.  The most common size used for canoe seats in full-grain is 1/4".  If split-grain is used, the most common size is 3/8". The amount of lacing required depends upon the pattern used and the area covered.  Please note that the thickness is approximate. Each bundle is not made up of one continuous piece. The bundles are made up of continuous lacing that are a minimum of 12 feet long.

The width of the lacing is the wet cut dimensions and it shrinks substantially when the lacing dries. There is also some variation in width and thickness within each bundle as the lacing is cut by hand pulling the wet hides through a slicer.

Each bundle weighs approximately one pound.

For other projects, see our entry for Rawhide Lacing.

Please note: rawhide lacing is stiff and must be wetted before use.  It will then dry stiff.  We have had customers order rawhide laces thinking that they are getting a nice soft lace and are disappointed because it is stiff. Please see our entries for deerskin lacing for soft, pliable lacing.  

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R-567-5 Rawhide Lacing:Full Grain:~3/16" x 197 ft x ~1/16" thick Buy on
R-567-6  Rawhide Lacing:Full Grain:~1/4" x 170 ft x ~1/16" thick
R-567-9  Rawhide Lacing:Full Grain:~3/8" x 130 ft x ~1/8" thick
R-567-13 Rawhide Lacing:Full Grain:~1/2" x 98 ft x ~1/8" thick


Genus and species:  Bos taurus.  Ranch raised.


There are no restrictions on the export of this item for either personal or commercial uses.


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Product of Canada, the land of canoes

Care of Rawhide

The most important thing for the care of rawhide, especially for snowshoes, is to never let them freeze when the lacing is wet.  Store the canoe seat, snowshoes, etc., away from the sun in a cool dry place.  Varnishing the rawhide helps prevent it from getting wet.  Re-varnishing once every year is also recommended.