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Calf Tails
(Kip Tails)

Left to right: Fluorescent Green, Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Fluorescent Fire Orange, Pearl Gray, Ginger, Olive, Red, Fluorescent Blue, and White.

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We offer an assortment of calf tails, both dyed and natural, which are great for craft projects or fly-tying.  These tails have the bone-in; the bone is thin. They are dyed right to the roots and an extra process leaves the tails very clean of dyes and natural oils. They are 10" to 12" (25 to 30 cm) long. 

Order Code Description 1-99 tails 100+ tails
R-18-30-227 Calf Tail:Natural Brown US$4.95 US$4.50
Dyed Colors...
R-18-30-001 Calf Tail:White US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-006 Calf Tail:Yellow US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-012 Calf Tail:Orange US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-041 Calf Tail:Tan US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-042 Calf Tail:Ginger US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-045 Calf Tail:Root Beer US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-047 Calf Tail:Brown US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-056 Calf Tail:Red US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-072 Calf Tail:Green US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-082 Calf Tail:Blue US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-089 Calf Tail:Olive US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-092 Calf Tail:Purple US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-100 Calf Tail:Black US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-103 Calf Tail:Pink US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-125 Calf Tail:Pearl Gray US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-137 Calf Tail:Shad Gray US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-501 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Red US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-502 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Yellow US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-503 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Orange US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-504 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Green US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-505 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Fire Orange US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-506 Calf  Tail:Fluorescent White US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-507 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Blue US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-509 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Chartreuse US$4.95 US$4.50
R-18-30-510 Calf Tail:Fluorescent Pink US$4.95 US$4.50

Genus and species:  Bos taurus. Ranch-raised.

Cows are not an endangered species. These skins are a by-product of the meat industry.  The animals were not killed just for their tails.

Product of the USA

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