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Bullet Necklaces

Brass 9mm Bullet Necklace

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These unique necklaces are hand-crafted from real brass and nickel bullets and are hung from a black deerskin strap.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no gunpowder and they are not “live” bullets. Bullet necklaces cannot be taken on board an airplane in a carry-on bag.  They generally can be packed in checked luggage, but it is best to notify the airline personnel at check in.

Order Code Description Price
R-1261-20-9651 Bullet Necklace:Brass:9mm Buy on
R-1261-20-9647 Bullet Necklace:Nickel:45 Cal
R-1261-20-9648 Bullet Necklace:Nickel:223Cal
R-1261-20-9650 Bullet Necklace:Nickel:9mm

There are no export controls for this item.

Made in the USA

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