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Horse Hair Bundles

Left: Double Drawn Horse Tail Hair Colors: White, Dark Red, Blond, Black, Gray, and Brown. See a close-up of the colors.

Right: Single Drawn Horse Tail Hair White. See a size comparison with a soda can.

The horse hair bundles are available in a variety of sizes.  The tail hair is prepared two ways in China:  "double drawn" which is trimmed at both ends and "single drawn" which is trimmed at one end only.  At this time, we only have double drawn hair as shown in the pictures.

Horse tail hair can be used for bow hair, brush fiber, rocking horses, tail extension, wigs, horse hair weave, and jewellery.

In the future, we expect to offer mane hair. It also comes in 10" -12" one-pound bundles that does include some tail hair. Horse tail hair is harder or coarser than the mane hair.

A NOTE ON COLORS:  Please note that the black horse hair could be jet black or have a hint of brown in them.

Order Code Double Drawn Tail Hair Length Price per Pound*
R-702-BKTD4 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 4" to 5" US$21.50
R-702-BLTD4 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 4" to 5" US$26.00
R-702-BRTD4 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Brown 4" to 5" US$25.50
R-702-DRTD4 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red 4" to 5" US$26.00
R-702-GYTD4 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Gray 4" to 5" US$28.50
R-702-WHTD4 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 4" to 5" US$32.00
R-702-BKTD10 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 10" to 12" US$24.50
R-702-BLTD10 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 10" to 12" US$29.25
R-702-BRTD10 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Brown 10" to 12" US$29.00
R-702-DRTD10 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red (Sorrel) 10" to 12" US$29.25
R-702-GYTD10 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Gray 10" to 12" US$32.00
R-702-WHTD10 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 10" to 12" US$34.75
R-702-BKTD13 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 13" to 15" US$26.50
R-702-BLTD13 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 13" to 15" US$30.00
R-702-BRTD13 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Brown 13" to 15" US$30.50
R-702-DRTD13 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red (Sorrel) 13" to 15" US$26.40
R-702-GYTD13 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Gray 13" to 15" US$33.50
R-702-WHTD13 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 13" to 15" US$31.80
R-702-BKTD16 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 16" to 17" US$32.00
R-702-BLTD16 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 16" to 17" US$38.00
R-702-BRTD16 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Brown 16" to 17" US$35.75
R-702-DRTD16 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red (Sorrel) 16" to 17" US$38.00
R-702-GYTD16 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Gray 16" to 17" US$38.75
R-702-WHTD16 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 16" to 17" US$36.90
R-702-BKTD18 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 18" to 19" US$32.40
R-702-BLTD18 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 18" to 19" US$39.00
R-702-BRTD18 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Brown 18" to 19" US$41.25
R-702-DRTD18 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red (Sorrel) 18" to 19" US$44.00
R-702-GYTD18 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Gray 18" to 19" US$44.25
R-702-WHTD18 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 18" to 19" US$51.90
R-702-BKTD22 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 22" to 25" US$43.20
R-702-BLTD22 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 22" to 25" US$51.90
R-702-DRTD22 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red (Sorrel) 22" to 25" US$58.25
R-702-WHTD22 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 22" to 25" US$76.25
R-702-BKTD36 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 36" US$108.90
R-702-BLTD36 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 36" US$130.80
R-702-DRTD36 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red (Sorrel) 36" US$130.80
R-702-WHTD36 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 36" US$204.00
R-702-BKTD41 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Black 41" US$108.90
R-702-BLTD41 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Blond 41" US$130.80
R-702-DRTD41 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:Dark Red (Sorrel) 41" US$130.80
R-702-WHTD41 Horse Hair:Double Drawn:White 41" US$204.00
Order Code Single Drawn Tail Hair Length Price per Pound*
R-702-WHTS13 Horse Hair:Single Drawn:White 13" to 15" US$39.10


* The horse hair is sold by the bundle. At this time, the bundles we have in stock weigh approximately one pound. Unfortunately, we cannot divide a bundle to sell only a part of it. 


Genus and species: Equus caballus. Ranch Raised.

Horses are not an endangered species.  The horses were not killed just for their hair.

Product of China


The diameter of each bundle is as follows:

Length Diameter of Bundle
10-12" 2"
13-15" 1.5"
16-17" 1.75"
18-19" 1.5"
22-25" 1.5"
36" 1"
41" 1"

Horse Tail Hair Processing

The horse tail hair has been scoured, washed, and sterilized.  After the horse hair is cut, they were washed with soap and water containing 2.5% sodium carbonate in a washing machine for 3 hours.  They were left in a 5% solution of warm sodium carbonate for half an hour and then washed again for another hour.  The tails were then boiled in water at 100ºC for over 2 hours.  They were dried and combed before being bundled together.

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