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Fox Tails

Left: American Gray, Australian Red (out of stock), Silver, North American Red, Blue
Right: Cross Fox Tails

For more information on our line of Natural and Dyed Fox Tails, see tables and information below.

Natural Fox Tails

Order Code Description (see Grading Notes below) Price  Pictures


American Gray Fox Tail (10-14")
R-18-05-0+ American Gray Fox Tail:Premium Sold out US$
R-18-05-00 Argentine Gray Fox Tail (12-15") US$9.50
North American Red Fox Tail (12-14")
R-18-05-6+ North American Red Fox Tail:Premium US$25.00
R-18-05-6#2/3 North American Red Fox Tail:#2/3 (12-14")
(These tails have "messy" hair that does not lay flat.)
R-18-05-66 Argentine Red Fox Tail (13-19") US$10.50
Crystal Fox Tail (13-20") Sold out US$18.00
Crystal Fox Tail:Premium Sold out US$23.50
R-18-05-5XXXL Crystal Fox Tail:XXXL (18"-20") US$34.00
R-18-05-11 Cross Fox Tail (12-18") US$18.00
R-18-05-11+ Cross Fox Tail:Premium US$21.50
R-18-05-4 Blue Fox Tail (10-14") US$32.00
R-18-05-4+ Blue Fox Tail:Premium (10-14") Sold out US$24.00
R-18-05-4XXXL Blue Fox Tail:XXXL (15-18") US$36.00
R-18-05-4XXXL+ Blue Fox Tail:XXXL:Premium Sold out US$48.00
R-18-05-4XXXXL Blue Fox Tail:XXXXL (19-22") Sold out US$40.00
R-18-05-4XXXXL+ Blue Fox Tail:XXXXL:Premium US$80.00
R-18-05-8 Silver Fox Tail (12-16") US$16.00
R-18-05-8-2 Silver Fox Tail:#2 Grade Sold out
(These tails have "messy" hair that does not lay flat.)
R-18-05-8+ Silver Fox Tail:Premium (12"-16")
(These are thicker tails.)
R-18-05-8XXL Silver Fox Tail:XXL (17-20") US$24.00
R-18-05-8XXL+ Silver Fox Tail:XXL:Premium US$40.00
R-18-05-8-RJ Silver Fox Tail:Reject (5-15")  
R-18-05-8GI Golden Island Fox Tail (16-21", average is 19") US$25.00


R-18-05-9 Shadow Fox Tail (10-12") Sold out US$12.50
R-18-05-9XL Shadow Fox Tail:XL (13-14") Sold out US$15.00
R-18-05-9XXL Shadow Fox Tail:XXL (15-18") Sold out US$25.00
R-18-05-9XXXL Shadow Fox Tail:XXXL (19-20") Sold out US$35.00
R-18-05-9XXXXL Shadow Fox Tail:XXXXL (20"+) Sold out US$50.00
R-18-05-57 Indigo Fox Tail (Silver-Blue X) US$18.00
R-18-05-12 Marble Fox Tail (18"-20") US$35.00

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Argentine gray fox tails (Lycalopex gymnocercus) are subject to CITES and are not for export out of the United States due to the excessive cost and paperwork involved in obtaining a re-export permit.  Large orders can be shipped directly from Argentina.

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.


Dyed Fox Tails    

Left: Assorted Dyed Blue Fox - available colors vary.
Right: Assorted Dyed Silver Fox - available colors vary.

Most of the dyed fox tails come from either natural blue fox skins or white shadow fox skins.  The genus and species is Vulpes lagopus.  We also have some Dyed Silver Fox Tails available.  The genus and species is Vulpes vulpes.

Order Code Description Price Each Pictures
Black-Dyed Fox Tail (10-14")
Black-Dyed Fox Tail (premium)
Black-Dyed Fox Tail:XXXL (16-18")
Dyed Blue Fox Tail:Assorted (11-18")
Dyed Blue Fox Tail:Assorted (premium) Sold out
R-18-05-BR Dyed Blue Fox Tail:Brown (~15") US$20.00  
R-18-05-8-AD Dyed Silver Fox Tail:Assorted US$15.00
R-18-05-58 Dyed Fox Tail:Lynx US$18.00


The video above shows the different kinds of natural fox tails.
0:05 American Gray fox tails
0:43 Argentine Gray fox tails
1:13 North American Red fox tails
1:45 Crystal fox tails
2:04 Golden Island fox tails
2:42 Cross fox tails
3:23 Silver fox tails
4:00 Marble fox tails


Grading Notes on Fox Tails

Unlike most manufactured items, furs and fur products can vary tremendously in quality.  We have seen furs that range in price from US$1.00 each to US$100.00 for the same animal.  There is also some variation in the tails that we offer.  All of the tails in this section are "decent."  The main difference between the lower price point and the "premium" tails is the quality and appearance of the tail.  For example, a $10.00 blue fox tail may be shorter and thinner than one that costs $15.00.  In general the lower the price, the lower the quality of the tail.  The higher the price, the higher the quality of the tail.  What we are looking for is shape, length, width, fluffiness, color, etc.  

Product of the USA, Canada, or Finland

Additional Information on the Above Tails

Cross Fox Tails (Picture)

These are a cross between a silver fox and a red fox. They measure approximately 18" long. Product of the USA or Canada.  The genus and species is Vulpes vulpes.


Shadow Fox Tails (Picture)

These white shadow fox tails come from awesome, fashion quality skins from Finland that sell for US$195.00 or more each.  They are XXXL and XXXXL tails (18" to 22" or more). The hair on these tails is usually about 2" to 2.5" long.  Click HERE for a large picture of the white shadow fox tail.  The genus and species is Vulpes lagopus.


Stock Notes

Our supplies of fox tails varies.  We may have what we think is a good selection and adequate stock and then have someone buy every tail we have in a certain species.  Stocks can change quickly, so please feel free to call us at 1.800.206.6544 if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between Australian Red Fox Tails and North American Red Fox Tails?


*** Australian fox tails are out of stock -- not sure when we will get more ***


Both tails are an average of 14" in length. The Australian tails have more black hair in them and so appear slightly darker.  The North American Tails are bushier, while the Australian  Tails are slimmer (similar to that of a raccoon). Click HERE for a picture.


2) Can you make these into key chains?


Yes, we can for an extra US$5.00 per tail.  Just let us know if you want a key chain.  We use nickel or gold mesh key chains.  If you prefer, we can use a tan or black leather strap instead of a key chain.  Click HERE and HERE for pictures.


3) Are the blue fox tails dyed?


No, this is the natural color of the tail.  Blue fox tails are often used as the base when dyeing tails.  For example, a black-dyed tail most likely is a blue fox tail that was dyed black.


4) What fox is used for the black dyed fox?


The most common black dyed tail is from the blue fox.  Occasionally, shadow fox tails are used.  Both species are from Vulpes lagopus.


5) Do you have other tails?


Yes, we have coyote, skunk, badger, etc.  Click HERE to go to the main tail section.


6) Can I get a fox tail for my Vespa or Lambretta?


Yes, we have many customers who want to purchase a fox tail for their Vespa or Lambretta motor scooters so they can look like the ones in the movie Quadrophenia.  We recommend the silver fox tail or American Red Fox tail.  Click HERE for a gallery of pictures of motorbikes and scooters with our fox tails on them.


7) Which tails have the longest hair?


Shadow fox tails have 2" long hair, but Silver fox tails have the longest hair, with some as long as 3".

8) How much does a tail weigh?

Fox tails weigh approximately 1.5 oz.

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