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Buffalo Head Mount

Isabell Hjelvik in Norway with her small buffalo head mount from Chichester

We stock buffalo head mounts in limited quantities.  These look great hanging on a wall in your house, cottage, lodge, restaurant, or hotel. 

Order Code Description Price Each
R-20-10-S-Gxx Buffalo Head Mount:Small See gallery below.
R-20-10-M-Gxx Buffalo Head Mount:Medium See gallery below.
R-20-10-L-Gxx Buffalo Head Mount:Large See gallery below.
R-20-10-XL-Gxx Buffalo Head Mount:Extra Large See gallery below.
R-20-15-L-Gxx Buffalo Shoulder Mount:Large See gallery below.

Genus and species:  Bison bison.  Ranch.

There are very limited numbers of wild buffalo roaming around remote parts of Canada. These animals are protected. Nearly all buffalo products on the market (hides, heads, mounts) are from buffalo that were raised on ranches for meat. The buffalo are not killed just for the hides or heads.

The horns are removed for safety during shipping. There are screws that come with the buffalo head that are already drilled.  Upon receipt of the mount, you just need to screw the horns in place. The small head mount is shipped by UPS for approximately US$50.00 anywhere in the lower 48 states.  The should mounts ship by truck in a crate.

The sample weighed 10 pounds before boxing.  It will ship by dimensional weight.  Shipping to Norway by airmail was US$99.05 as of April 2007.  

Product of the USA


Gallery of Buffalo Head Mounts


You get the exact mount shown when ordering by number.


Buffalo Head Mount: Extra Large

Length from back of head to nose: 37

Length from wall to front of buffalo head: 16

Width from horn tip to horn tip: 23

Width of head without horns: 22 

Order code:  R-20-10-XL-G05

Price:  US$1,750.00

Buffalo Shoulder Mount: Large

Length from back of head to nose: 59

Length from wall to front of buffalo head: 40

Width from horn tip to horn tip: 15

Width of head without horns: 20 

Order code:  R-20-15-L-G06

Price:  US$4,500.00

Ships by truck in a crate.

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Live Buffalo


Rolf from Norway wrote:

The Buffalo Head arrived today! WOW, it is so beautiful!!

We are so satisfied with the head. Absolutely fantastic!

We can`t wait for the lodge to hang it up, we will hang it up tonight in our house! It`s an honour to have a Buffalo Head from America, in our home! We love it.


We will send you some photos of it, when we have hang it on the wall! 


It has bean a pleasure to deal with you, Paul!

We will probably deal with you later on!