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Bone Spacers for Chokers


The bone spacers are used for making Native American bracelets and chokers with multiple rows.  The spacers are sold in boxes of 100.

Order Code Description Price per 100 Price per 1,000 
R-395-20 Bone Spacers:2-hole US$26.25 US$131.50
R-395-30 Bone Spacers:3-hole US$36.75 US$184.00
R-395-40 Bone Spacers:4-hole US$47.25 US$236.50
R-395-50  Bone Spacers:5-hole   US$28.00* US$140.00*
R-395-60 Bone Spacers:6-hole US$68.25 US$341.50

* These were imported directly from Vietnam so that is why the prices are lower. The other sizes were purchased from a local supplier.

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Made in Hong Kong, India, or Vietnam