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Moose Antler Buttons

Palm-Cut, Magnet


The moose antler buttons are sold individually.  These buttons are palm cut and preserve the natural beauty of the moose palm.  They have a magnet flush with the back side.  These buttons are thicker than regular cross-cut antler buttons to accommodate the magnet.

Order Code Description Price
R-38-PM-1.5 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Magnet:1.5"  US$35.00 each
R-38-PM-2.0 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Magnet:2.0" US$35.00 each
R-38-PM-2.5 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Magnet:2.5" US$36.00 each
R-38-PM-3.0 Moose Antler Button:Palm-Cut:Magnet:2.5" US$42.00 each

Genus and species: Alces alces.  Wild.

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Product of the USA