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Making a Buffalo Coat

We made this custom buffalo coat for a French customer using the best selection of our #1 grade buffalo hides. The frosted mane gave the coat beautiful blond highlights on the collar.

It took three hides to make this coat. Each coat is custom-made to the customer's specific measurements.

Pictures of the Individual Components

The two front panels are sewn together at the center back seam.

This back panel is made from a single hide.

Top: Sleeves
Bottom: Collars

Pictures of the Components Sewn Together

It's beginning to come together! Front panels, collar, sleeves, and back have been attached.

These are the elk antler tips we will use to make the coat buttons.

Buttons and button loops.

Assembling the Coat

Part of the coat has to be hand-stitched.

The buffalo hides are so thick that we have gone through several 19-gauge glover's needles. Some bend and others break.

Elizabeth works in the middle of the warehouse where there is enough space to wrestle with the hides.

The Finished Buffalo Coat

The finished coat is modelled by Paul Crosby who is 6 feet tall.