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Water Buffalo Horn

We are sold out of raw horns. We may be able to get polished water buffalo horns.

Please call or email us if you are interested in polished horns.

The sample horn measuring about 24" (62 cm) in length on the outside curve had a 13.5" (33.75 cm) circumference and one measuring about 27" (67.5 cm) on the outside curve had a circumference of about 15" (37.5 cm) and an inside length of 20".  For relative size, compare the horn to the package of cigarettes in the picture above.  The horns are hollow on the inside.  The edge of the open end of the horn is about 1/8" (3mm) thick.  Only the very extreme tip is solid.  For a close up of the inside of the horn, click HERE.  The price is per horn (not per set). 

Many of our customers use the water buffalo horn to make old-fashioned bows.

We often get requests for matched sets.  The horns come in loose.  We can do our best to get horns that match as well as possible.  This takes time to sort through the horns and we charge an extra US$11.00 per set for labor.

Order Code Description Price Each
R-574-18 Water Buffalo Horn:18" out of stock US$16.25
R-574-19 Water Buffalo Horn:19" out of stock US$17.00
R-574-20 Water Buffalo Horn:20" out of stock US$18.75
R-574-21 Water Buffalo Horn:21" out of stock US$20.00
R-574-22 Water Buffalo Horn:22" out of stock US$21.50
R-574-23 Water Buffalo Horn:23" out of stock US$22.50
R-574-24 Water Buffalo Horn:24" out of stock US$23.75
R-574-25 Water Buffalo Horn:25" out of stock US$25.00
R-574-26 Water Buffalo Horn:26" out of stock US$30.00
R-574-27 Water Buffalo Horn:27" out of stock US$35.00
R-574-28 Water Buffalo Horn:28" out of stock US$40.00
R-574-29 Water Buffalo Horn:29" out of stock US$55.00
R-574-30 Water Buffalo Horn:30" out of stock US$80.00
R-574-31 Water Buffalo Horn:31" out of stock US$85.00
R-574-32 Water Buffalo Horn:32" out of stock US$90.00
R-574-34 Water Buffalo Horn:34" out of stock US$95.00
R-574-36 Water Buffalo Horn:36" out of stock US$100.00
R-574-37 Water Buffalo Horn:37" out of stock US$105.00

Sample weights and sizes follow:

Length on the outside curve Pounds


2.42 pounds


2.04 pounds


2.14 pounds


3.22 pounds


2.96 pounds


3.22 pounds

28" 3.16 pounds
29" 3.68 pounds
29" 4.54 pounds
29.5" 4.58 pounds
30" 3.94 pounds

Generally, the heavier the horn, the more solid it is.  We measured some horns at random using a metal wire to see how long the solid part was at the tip.  Here's what we came up with:

Length Solid Tip
24" 6"
24.5" 8.25"
25" 6"
26" 9.25"
26" 11"
27" 8"
28" 11"
28.5" 6"

Genus and species: Bubalus bubalis.  Ranch.

Domesticated water buffalo are not endangered.

We also carry real North American buffalo horns (Bison bison) from a ranch in the U.S.  Click HERE to go to that web page.

Product of Vietnam

Shipping to Canada

We estimate the cost to send two 28" water buffalo horns to Canada by Global Express Mail International (5 business days to most areas not including customs delays, if any) is US$69.50.  The cost to send two 28" water buffalo horns to Canada by Global Priority Mail International (6-10 business days to most areas not including customs delays, if any) is US$46.25. (Last updated: February 10, 2010)