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Boar Tusk Necklaces


The Ten-Tusk necklace is modeled by Amy Chase.


The real boar tusk necklaces come on a 32" black deerskin leather strap and are decorated with brass beads.

Code Description Price
R-404-661 Boar Necklace:One-Tusk US$36.00
R-404-662 Boar Necklace:Two-Tusk US$60.50
R-404-6610 Boar Necklace:Ten-Tusk US$270.00

Genus and species of Boar:  Sus scrofa. Ranch raised.

Genus and species of Deer: Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

Deer and Boar are not endangered.

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside the U.S. because of the deerskin leather.

Non-Native Made in the USA

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