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Suede Strips
(Suede Straps)


Left: Black, Beige, Medium Brown, Red, Pink, Chocolate, Purple 

Right: Beige, Red, Purple, Medium Brown, Pink, Chocolate

Some of these colors have been discontinued.

These suede cowsplit straps are ideal for use as belts, straps, handles, and trim.

Order Code Description Price
R-369-S36-BK Suede Strip:1/2" x 36":Black US$7.00
R-369-S36-MB Suede Strip:1/2" x 36":Medium Brown US$7.00
R-369-S36-BE Suede Strip:1/2" x 36":Beige US$7.00
R-369-S42-BK Suede Strip:1 1/2" x 42":Black US$12.50
R-369-S42-MB Suede Strip:1 1/2" x 42":Medium Brown US$12.50
R-369-S42-BE Suede Strip:1 1/2" x 42":Beige US$12.50

Genus and species:  Bos taurus. Ranch.

Made in the USA

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