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Reindeer Hide
Gallery Of XXL Skins

The following pictures show just some of the XXL hides available today.  Please click HERE to return to our main Reindeer page.

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Genus and species: Rangifer tarandus.Ranch raised.

Reindeer are not an endangered species. Not subject to CITES.

A USFWS export permit is required for export out of the USA.

Product of Finland

Gallery of Available XXL Reindeer Skins 

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Order Code: R-33-XXL-G165

Length: 54"
Width across Top: 35"
Width across Middle: 39"
Width across Bottom: 52.5"
Weight: 3.82 lbs.

Price: US$275.00

See the back with an 18" long ruler.

Order Code: R-33-XXL-G169

Length: 51.50"
Width across Top: 33"
Width across Middle: 35.50"
Width across Bottom: 34.50"
Weight: 3.88 lbs.

Price: US$275.00

See the back of the hide with an 18" long ruler.

Order Code: R-33-XXL-G170

Length: 53"
Width across Top: 35"
Width across Middle: 40"
Width across Bottom: 52"
Weight: 4.88 lbs.

Price: US$275.00

See the back of the hide with an 18" long ruler.


Care of the Skins

Reindeer (and other members of the deer family) have a hollow hair that will break if walked on or sat upon.  Please do not walk on the hides as you will destroy them over time.  Keep in mind that a 100-pound dog sitting on the skins all of the time will also break hair and cause the skins to shed.  Also, expect a minor degree of shedding over time, especially in the south where it is hot and humid or in a hot room up north.  The skins are ideally mounted on a wall, draped over a rail, or used as a floor covering where they are not walked on.  If they are draped over a couch, expect some shedding from sitting against the skin.  Expect some degree of shedding from hollow-hair hides.  

We do not accept returns on reindeer skins after our standard five-day inspection period.

Overseas Shipping Information

Shipping to the United Kingdom by Global Express for one XXL reindeer hide (7 lbs. with box) is US$50.00 including insurance. Global Express takes 1-3 days transit time plus the time it takes to clear customs.