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Red Fox Skins

See a size comparison with a soda can.

We offer a variety of red fox skins.  The trading post grade are a good quality skin without any obvious defects; they are ideal for hanging on the wall of your house or cabin.  The skins come cased, and measure approximately 30" to 33" from tip of the nose to base of the tail and 5" wide.

The craft grade skins have obvious flaws (rips, tears, holes, or slips) and are perfect for craft projects.  The reject skins have many problems and are best suited for cutting into smaller pieces.  The craft and reject grades may or may not have tails.

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Order Code          Description                              Price Each
R-180-03-WF Red Fox Skin:With Feet sold out US$150.00
R-180-03-TP Red Fox Skin:Trading Post Grade sold out US$115.00
R-180-03-CR Red Fox Skin:Craft Grade sold out US$  65.00
R-180-03-RJ Red Fox Skin:Reject Grade US$  45.00


Genus and species:  Vulpes vulpes.  Wild.


Click HERE for a picture of the number of red foxes available.


Product of the USA, Canada, or Hungary

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