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Rawhide Lacing

Click on above picture of the 1/4" rawhide for a larger view.

These cow rawhide split laces are ideal for lacing drums and other craft products.  These laces come in a continuous piece that has been wrapped around poles three feet apart.  They come from the underside of the hide.  It is okay to use for canoe seat webbing but it is a little less waterproof, so it is recommended that it be varnished to make it last longer.  Please note that the thickness is approximate and could vary within the bundle.

These are in limited supply and will be discontinued once our stock is sold!

PLEASE NOTE: Rawhide lacing is stiff and must be wetted before use.  It will then dry stiff.  We have had customers order rawhide laces thinking that they are getting a nice soft lace and are disappointed because it is stiff.  Think of rawhide dog chews....  If you are looking for a soft piece of leather to use for a hanger, lanyard, or necklace strap, please click HERE to see our leather laces.

Order Code Description Price per Bundle
R-417-9 Rawhide Lacing:3/8" x 130 feet x ~1/8" thick US$59.99


The lacing is made from cow rawhide.  There are no restrictions on the export of this item for either personal use or commercial use.


Each bundles weighs approximately one pound.


Product of Canada

Some Uses for Rawhide Split

Lacing Drum Covers

Lacing Snowshoes - Click HERE for our entry for Snowshoe Webbing for top grain (or full grain) rawhide laces. 

Lacing Canoe Seats

Hangers for Art Work

Traditional Japanese Drums

Camel Seat Lacing

Care of Rawhide

The most important thing for rawhide, especially for snowshoes, is to never let them freeze when the lacing is wet.  Store the canoe seat, snowshoes, etc. away from the sun in a cool dry place.  Varnishing the rawhide is prevents it from getting wet.  Re-varnishing once every year is also recommended.

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