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Rattlesnake Rattles

We have a source for Texas western diamondback rattlesnake rattles on a seasonal basis.  These are #1 quality rattles from south Texas.  For size, we count each fully formed button.  The size in inches is for reference and is approximate.  The jumbo and trophy rattles are rare and in limited supply.  The rattles normally have broken tips on the end.

Many of our musician customers place these rattles inside their instruments to “sing along” with their music and to keep spiders (and other pests) out of the cavity.

Order Code Description Buttons Size Price Each
R-598-R1-S Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Small 3-5 Less than 1.75" US$18.75
R-598-R1-M Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Medium 6-8 1.75" to 2" US$27.50
R-598-R1-L Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Large 9-11 2" to 2.25" US$35.00
R-598-R1-XL Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:XL 12-13 2.25" to 2.75" US$87.50
R-598-R1-J Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Jumbo 14+ 2.75" or more US$125.00
R-598-R1-Gxx Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Trophy 14+ 2.75" or more See below

Not for sale in the following states:  California or Oregon.

Genus and species: Crotalus atrox. Wild.

Texas Western diamondback rattlesnakes are not endangered. 

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife permit is required for shipments outside of the United States.

Product of the USA


Gallery of Individual Trophy Rattles

You get the exact rattle shown when ordering by number. 

These are the biggest and best rattles we have ever seen. They are priced individually.  If they are not marked sold, they are probably available as we update our website most days. 

Order Code: R-598-R1-G02

Length:  3.25"
Number of buttons:  15

Price: US$225.00

Order Code: R-598-R1-G07

Length: 3.5"
Number of buttons: 16

Price: US$275.00

Order Code: R-598-R1-G08

Length: 3.5"
Number of buttons: 18

Price: US$325.00

Order Code: R-598-R1-G09

Length: 3.5"
Number of buttons: 15

Price: US$225.00

Order Code: R-598-R1-G10

Length: 3.25"
Number of buttons: 15

Price: US$225.00

Order Code: R-598-R1-G11

Length: 3.25"
Number of buttons: 14

Price: US$195.00

Order Code: R-598-R1-G13

Length: 3.25"
Number of buttons: 17

Price: US$250.00


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