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Moose Antler Crowns

From left to right: Small, Medium, Large Moose Antler Crowns

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The moose antler crowns are from drops or sheds. The Moose Antler Crowns or "Buttons" are rough (not polished) and do not have any sealant. They are approximately 1" thick and do not have any shanks attached. 

The crowns are sold by the piece.

Order Code Description Price
R-1042-SM Moose Antler Crown:Small:~2" US$25.00 each
R-1042-MD Moose Antler Crown:Medium:~3-4" US$35.00 each
R-1042-LG Moose Antler Crown:Small:~4-5" US$50.00 each


Genus and species: Alces alces.  Wild.


Moose are not an endangered species.


Product of the USA or Canada

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Weight: approx. 7/8 lb. per piece of R-460-10, and 1/3 lb. per piece of 460-20