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Fur Pillows


From Left to Right:  Tibet Lamb, Cow Skin, Skunk

We make pillows using a wide variety of furs and skins in a range of sizes.  These pillows can have the fur on both sides or on just one side with a leather backing.  

Black Bear Pillows

Buffalo Pillows

Cow Skin Pillows

Coyote Fur Pillows

Deerskin Leather Pillows

Denim Pillows

Fox Fur Pillows

Goatskin Pillows

Icelandic Sheepskin Pillows

Rabbit Fur Pillows

Sheared Beaver Pillows

Skunk Pillows

Springbok Pillows

Tibet Lamb Pillows

Wild Boar Pillows

Springbok Cushion Covers

African Porcupine Quill Cushion Covers

Jackal Cushion Covers

Ostrich Feather Cushion Covers

Guinea Fowl Feather Cushion Covers

Ringneck Pheasant Cushion Covers

Angora Pillows