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Boar Tusks

We offer #1 premium boar tusks from The Philippines. These tusks have been cleaned and are ready to use for making jewelry or displaying.  They are measured along the curve on the back side of the tusk.

The boar tusks are mostly hollow inside.  The opening is from 0.5" to 0.75" across.

Some tusks have a black cap attached to the end.

Order Code Description Size Price
R-583-12 Philippines Boar Tusk:#1 1" to 2" US$7.50
R-583-23 Philippines Boar Tusk:#1 2" to 3" US$11.50
R-583-34 Philippines Boar Tusk:#1 3" to 4" US$12.50
R-583-45 Philippines Boar Tusk:#1 4" to 5" US$15.75
R-583-56 Philippines Boar Tusk:#1 5" to 6" US$22.50
R-583-67 Philippines Boar Tusk:#1 6" to 7" US$25.00
R-583-78 Philippines Boar Tusk:#1 7" to 8" US$50.00
R-583-Gxx Philippines Boar Tusk:Gallery   See gallery below

Genus and species:  Sus scrofa.  Ranch raised.

The genus and species for wild boar and domestic boar are the same. Boar are raised for meat.  The animal is not killed just for its tusks.

No USFWS import or export clearance is required for domestic boar tusks. 

Product of The Philippines

Gallery of Large Boar Tusks for Sale

You get the exact one shown when ordering by number.

We update our website nearly every day. If it is not marked as sold, it is most likely available.

Boar Tusk

Order Code: R-583-G02

Length (outside curve): 7.25"

Price: US$50.00

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Boar Tusk

Order Code: R-583-G05

Length (outside curve): 8"

Price: US$55.00

See the other side and a size comparison with a quarter

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