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Beaver Castoreum

Beavers have a pair of castor sacs that secrete castoreum to scent mark territory. The extract from the dried and alcohol tinctured beaver castor is used in the manufacture of perfume. Castoreum has largely been used as an animalic note suggesting leather. The pictures shown above are from a fresh shipment of 200 pounds that arrived from Saskatchewan. The picture on the left shows an assortment. The picture on the right shows the three grades (three #1 grade in the middle top, three #2 grade in the lower left, and three #3 grade in the lower right). The grading is usually done by size and the quantity of castoreum that can be extracted. Please note that the pictures have way too much light, so the colors are not true.

We can obtain large quantities of castoreum for commercial use. We do not offer small quantities (less than 50 pounds), so please do not inquire if you are looking for one or two pieces or just a few pounds. We do not stock this at the moment and do not know if or when we will carry stocks.

Order Code Description Price per Pound
R-1182-1 Beaver Castoreum:#1 Grade Please call
R-1182-2 Beaver Castoreum:#2 Grade Please call
R-1182-3 Beaver Castoreum:#3 Grade Please call

Genus and species: Castor canadensis. Wild.

Beavers are not an endangered species and are not subject to CITES controls. 

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

Product of Canada

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