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Basotho Hats from Lesotho

Modeled by Mike Gareri.

We get a limited number of Basotho hats and Tsetse hats from Lesotho most years.  These are the traditional hats worn by tribesmen in the mountainous country of Lesotho. Each region has its own style.

I import these because I think they are really cool.  I like the top knot, the workmanship, and have fond memories of guys walking around wearing these.

Each hat is cataloged separately and photographed below.

Order Code Description Price Each
R-860-Gxx Basotho Hats from Lesotho US$175.00
R-860-Gxx Tsetse Hats from Lesotho US$175.00

Product of Lesotho


Gallery of Individual Hats for Sale

You get the exact hat shown when ordering by number.

Basotho Hat:G05

Order Code:  R-860-G05

Price:  US$175.00

Basotho Hat:G06

Order Code:  R-860-G06

Price:  US$175.00

Basotho Hat:G07

Order Code:  R-860-G07

Price:  US$175.00

Tsetse Hat

Order Code:  R-860-G08

Price:  US$175.00