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Antler Scrap

 Top Left: Tumbled Antler Scrap; Above Right: Polished Antler Scrap.

We get a limited supply of tumbled antler scrap that is ideal for craft projects.  This is an assortment of white tail deer and mule deer.  On average, the tumbled antler scrap pieces run about 3" to 4" long and about 1 to 2 wide.  There are approximately four pieces in a pound. 

Order Code Description Price
R-158-201 Tumbled Antler Scrap US$10.00 / lb.
R-158-202 Polished Antler Scrap US$5.00 / piece

Genus and species of white tail deer:  Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.
Genus and species of mule deer:  Odocoileus hemionus. Wild.

All shipments outside of the U.S. require U.S. Fish and Wildlife export clearance.

Not for sale in most southeastern states due to state regulations.

It was confirmed by USFWS on October 15, 2015 that it is okay to sell white tail deer antler to California because the species is not native to that state.

Product of the USA


Thie above video shows an assortment of tumbled antler scrap.  Shows a size comparion to a U.S. one dollar bill.