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Antler Scrap

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 Top Left: Tumbled Antler Scrap; Above Right: Polished Antler Scrap.

We get a limited supply of tumbled antler scrap that is ideal for craft projects.  This is an assortment of white tail deer, moose, mule deer, etc.  On average, the tumbled antler scrap pieces run about 3" to 4" long and about 1 to 2 wide.  There are approximately four pieces in a pound.  

As of July 28, 2009, we do have 2 larger pieces of tumbled antler scrap in stock.  One is 8 long and 4 wide and weighs 1.28 lbs. (solid).  The other is 7 long and 2 wide but only weighs 1/2 pound.  This piece also has a crack in it the length of the piece.

Order Code Description Price
R-158-201 Tumbled Antler Scrap US$10.00 / lb.
R-158-202 Polished Antler Scrap US$5.00 / piece

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