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Pronghorn Antelope Horns

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The Antelope Horns come in a variety of lengths.  Matched pairs are available.  Please let us know if you want a matched pair.

Order Code Description Size Price per Horn
R-192-S Antelope Horn:Small 4" to 9" US$20.00
R-192-M Antelope Horn:Medium 9" to 11" US$30.00
R-192-L Antelope Horn:Large 11" to 12" US$50.00
R-192-XL Antelope Horn:XL 12" to 14" US$75.00


Genus and species: Antilocapra americana.  Wild.


Pronghorn antelope are not an endangered species.  Most of the horns come from sport-hunting activities.


Not for export due to problems customers are liable to have importing horns into their country.


Product of the USA